The innovative strength and the courage to evolve continuously characterise the inventive spirit of our company. By consistently focusing on the market and our customers, we are able to generate new impulse and visions. An awareness for quality and the unbending desire to explore new possibilities for our customers are the basis for our success.

Markus Schramek
Managing Director

BEW-Umformtechnik GmbH started out more than 100 years ago as “Baubeschlag- und Eisenwarenfabrik Westheim GmbH”. Leading companies from the commercial vehicle, passenger car, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, industrial trucks, fittings and hydraulic industries, as well as from the field of mechanical engineering, have placed their trust in us for the production of highly stressed forged parts from heat-treated forged blanks through to completely processed components in raw, pre-formed or pre-finished processing for many decades.

More than 200 employees  

Our more than 200 employees develop future-oriented and economical solutions utilising their long-standing sector experience and the latest technologies. Quality and precision have the highest priority at BEW and shape our processes: not just by using the very latest massive forming technologies but also by applying innovative processes for optimising components and by using new materials.

Our established team of employees is made up of many specialists whose expertise and skills are united by an independent way of thinking, forming their own opinions and generating constructive ideas. Specialist knowledge is promoted through a set of measures for qualification within the company that is always adapted to the latest requirements. Trainees can start on the path to a promising future in our modern training workshop.

FerrAl United – 10 strong companies coming together driving the future of our mobility

FerrAl United is bringing together independent category experts who collaborate to drive customers’ progress while providing comprehensive fully vertically integrated local support.

Creating precision – FerrAl United is your new Multi Materials Machined Solutions provider
We provide our automotive and non-automotive customers with tailored and innovative solutions at scale across our specialist businesses. Founded upon a group of portfolio companies focused on highly specialized metal parts solutions, we are positioning and developing ourselves as a vertically integrated provider with significant synergetic potential. Growing along the Automotive Metal Parts value chain, we are transitioning from a local specialist to a global player.


  • 2003

    Takeover of the company by Scholz AG Essingen and renaming as BEW-Umformtechnik GmbH.

  • 2008

    Expansion of the mechanical processing by start of operations in the new production hall. New construction of the shipping hall.

  • 2012

    Expansion of the forging capacities and production capabilities with investment in a 5,000 t press line (50,000 kN).

  • 2014

    Takeover of the company by the Amtek Group from India.

  • 2014

    Expansion of the mechanical processing equipment with the new acquisition of an automated shaft turning centre. The mechanical processing equipment now comprises a total of 14 CNC machines for turning and milling work.

  • 2017

    Takeover of the company by Markus Schramek.